Corona-Testcenters in Munich

Free Covid-19 Test

• Free Antigen-Rapid-Tests for everybody (also tourists)

• Costs of testing covered by the german state

• Test results within 15-20 minutes via e-mail

• Harmless test in the front of the nose

How it works

Book your free antigen-rapid test now The procedure is very easy and our rapid antigen test is particularly pleasant and child-friendly.

Free Covid-Test

Many locations in Munich


You have the option below to book an appointment in advance at our locations. However, you can also come without an appointment and we will try to take you on as soon as possible.

The opening hours can be viewed on the individual booking pages of the locations.

Occamstraße 5 (Helene Disco)
MO-SA 8:00-20:00 / SO 10:00-17:00

 Thalkirchner Str. 2 (Corner of Müllerstr.)
 MO-SA 8:00-18:00 / SO 10:00-15:00

Ottobrunnerstr. 61 (Gartencenter Seebauer)
MO-SA 8:00-20:00 / SO 10:00-17:00

Sonnenstrasse 21
MO-SA 12:00-20:00 / SO 12:00-17:00

Professor-Eichmann-Str. 11 (Sportverein)
betrieben von: Müller Facility Services
MO-SA 12:00-20:00 / SO 12:00-18:00

Richard-Strauss-Str. 82 (next to pharmacy)
MO-SA 8:00-20:00 / SO 10:00-17:00


  Agnes-Bernauer-Str. 239 (at Eisstadion / Wirtshauser)
MO-SA 09:00-19:00 / SO 11:00-18:00

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Further up-to-date information on the corona virus can also be found on the site of the Federal Ministry of Health and on the website of the Robert Koch Institute

You can also use the state-run Corona hotlines: Hotline Munich 089 233-96333 or Hotline Bavaria 089/122220

Within the framework of the new test prescription, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayern (KVB) covers the complete costs of a Corona antigen rapid test for you, from the performance to the result. The citizenship test is free of charge for every German citizen or for persons who have a permanent residence in Germany. As proof we only need your German identity card, passport, residence permit, official registration certificate or a German health insurance card. You can have the test done every day free of charge with us and you will receive your free result from us already after approx. 10 minutes incl. the test results. Verification document from the Bavarian Ministry of Health. If you need an additional medical certificate in English for a trip abroad, we will be happy to issue it for an additional fee of 10€.

Our new tests allow for a very pleasant testing process. In doing so, we take two tests in the front area of the nose with a fine swab. So currently there is no need for a swab in the back of the throat or in the back of the nose, so the test is also ideal for children or older people.

Already about 15 minutes after the test, you will receive the test result from us via email, including proof of result. If you need an additional medical certificate in english, we will be happy to issue it for an additional fee of 10€.

If you have a high fever or loss of smell and/or taste, please call your family doctor or tel. 116117 and to stay at home for the time being. Indeed, you should then have a PCR test performed directly, as this is even more accurate than our rapid tests. The free Corona test with us is then not the right test for you.

All our tests are always listed by the BfArM and are therefore approved for use in Germany.

Our current test has a sensitivity of 97.1% and a specificity of 99.5%. Thus, it meets regulatory requirements and can detect or rule out SARS-CoV-2 with a very high probability.

If your test result is positive, you must immediately go into domestic quarantine. Since this is a notifiable disease according to the Infection Protection Act, you must therefore report it directly to the public health department. They will coordinate with you how to proceed and address the tracing of your contacts. By preparing a list of your contacts, you can help make this process easier and faster. In addition, the result of your positive rapid antigen test must be verified by a PCR test. In the event of a positive test result, you will also receive further information from us following your test.

At our test center in Munich Schwabing and at Gärtnerplatz, it is currently sufficient to arrive punctually at the time you have booked. Due to the current balanced workload, a time advance is not necessary. If you have not booked an appointment, you can also come to us on the off chance.

An ID, Passport or your health insurance card, that’s all you need.

Yes, for this purpose, please book early on contiguous appointments for each person to be tested. They are then tested one after the other.

You can currently even be tested daily, as long as you do not present any symptoms. In fact, daily testing can be useful because the test result is always just a snapshot. Infection can occur at any time, even after a negative test. A negative test does not therefore mean that one could not be infectious the following day.

In very rare cases, the Corona test using the antigen test may give an invalid result. In such a case, we will inform you immediately and you can repeat the test free of charge.

Currently, we only offer antigen tests, also called rapid tests, and no PCR tests. Whether this test is sufficient for your trip depends on many factors, so we can not make a general statement here. Therefore, please inform yourself about the entry regulations of the country you want to travel to, for example. on the website of the German Foreign Office ( Alternatively, you can call the state Corona hotlines: Hotline Munich 089 233-96333 or Hotline Bavaria 089/122220 . In addition, you may also need to consider the terms and conditions of your airline or the public transportation you are using.

You will receive a free verification document in German language from the Bavarian Ministry of Health as part of the citizen testing. If you need a medical certificate in English for a trip abroad, we can issue it for an additional fee of 10€ on top of the free proof document. Please simply speak to us at the reception desk for this.

Our free corona test as part of the free citizen test includes a free verification document from the Bavarian Ministry of Health in German language. For domestic purposes inside Germany, this is sufficient as a proof document. For travel abroad, an additional medical certificate of the result in English may be required. This can be issued by us at any time for an additional charge of 10€ in addition to the free result. Just let us know at check-in that you need them and pay the extra charge in cash or via Paypal.

In most, but not all cases, you have the option to shorten the quarantine to 5 days with our free Corona test. Please inform yourself about the exact regulations, which you can find here: . Alternatively, you can call the state Corona hotlines: Hotline Munich 089 233-96333 or Hotline Bavaria 089/122220.

We also come to you:

Mobile Testing

In addition to our test centers, we also offer Corona mobile rapid testing for companies, stores, facilities and the like. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer for this and also carry out the testing on your premises.